by Paulius Pakalniškis

Blessing Home Décor is a small eco-friendly company ran by a group of friends, and all of us, in one way or another, are aspiring to make our surroundings as pleasant and as cozy. Since the business is quite young, with each order you make, it will be one of us cutting, packing and shipping your goods, so you can be sure, that the products we deliver are of highest quality.  Our team will check for any damage in each step of the delivery: from production, to sending off the packed order.


Our goal is not only to provide a nice accent for your living room or your office. We aspire to charge your home with vibrations balanced for your inner peace, to compliment the harmony of your surroundings and help set the desired mood, be it a mindful meditation session, a well-earned rest or a zone of calm focus. Many of our mandalas have a symbol of each separate chakra or a sacred geometry symbol, carrying the charge and the blessing of it. If you’re interested in finding out more about each chakra or these symbols and the meaning of them, you can find more information on our Instagram page here


Our products are personally attended and hand-made: we design the products, we cut and engrave them with laser cutting machine, process every product by hand and then we ship them ourselves, ensuring the highest quality control from our side. Blessing Home Décor is a responsible business, oriented towards sustainability, both reducing and recycling waste and we are proud to say, that our materials are friendly for the environment and mostly reusable. We work with organic wood, organic glass, leather, various crystals and gemstones. In the nearest future, our main goal towards social and environmental responsibility is to start donating money to foundations that are re-seeding and protecting the forests, so our impact on nature is minimalized.


Our project has started from hand-made stencils of mandalas, with the aim of helping to raise spirituality and self-consciousness, but with positive feedback, we ventured on to experimenting with LED Night Lamps which is a delightful accent to your space, both as a decoration or as a gift. Since we had customer suggestions to make these lamps designs closer to popular culture and hobbies, we decided to add them to our assortment.

The most recent addition to our shop is Glowing Mandalas for those individuals, who want to illuminate their home with comfort and colors.


Our desire is to inspire spirituality and self-awareness through our products, while staying loyal to our principles of sustainability and care for environment. In addition, our creativity is especially driven by the feedback and reviews of our customers. This gives us room for growth, helps us fulfil custom orders and make the more of our customers satisfied.

Business information

Company name: MB, Underlabas (BHDecor)
Business ID: 305203420
VAT Payer ID: LT100013804213
Business address: Kalno g.20, Bijutiškis, Molėtų raj. sav., LT-33254, Lithuania
Mobile number: +370 64506318
Company e-mail:
Account number: LT657044060008297860

Company director: Paulius Pakalniškis
Company established in 2019, Vilnius.